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Hi! I'm Lian,

and I quit a stressful desk job to take some time out and create a children’s book for parents who want their children to use technology in a responsible way in the future.

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Tech / Life Balance

Like with everything in life, the key to living well is balancing what we do. Our body and brain, hardwired for thousands of years to perform without the constant distraction of electronic devices, have been used very differently in recent years since computers, cellphones and the internet started becoming an integral part of our everyday lives. Only children who grow up being aware of this can thrive in the future without losing touch with the real world.

Responsible Use of Technology

Responsible Use of Technology

Experiencing Life Without a Filter

Most of us grew up with a lot less technology that distracts us and makes our lives revolve around apps. If children don’t get to know the real world as it is, they will set their points of reference based on unrealistic ideals portrayed and glamorized on social media.