Artificial pets are just like real pets but powered by artificial intelligence. Your cat or dog or hamster needs food and attention and are lovely. AI pets are very similar that you can play with them but they do not or need a lot less care.

AI pets can also get upgraded over time. Either with firmware upgrades to what your artificially intelligent pet can do or by buying ai pet accessories.

Many years ago when one of the first real domestic helpers entered the homes of people with Romba the cleaning robot, people started to develop connections with their small robotic helpers.

After that AI kept developing and the field of computer vision and image recognition made huge leaps forward. With these technological advances it was possible to create real artificial intelligence pets that were able to identify their owners, play with them and build strong bonds just like with real pets.

Can AI pets replace real pets? Probably not, but they can become low maintenance and fun companions in your home and maybe even household helpers.